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Spanking 101 Tips and Tricks for Getting Cheeky the Right Way

The movie 50 Shades of Grey has opened up a lot of possibilities for what could take place in the bedroom. And if you're one of those who are up for an adventure in the bedroom, you'll surely want to try getting cheeky with a stunning Hale Barns escort. A great way to start heating things up would be spanking and here are some tips and tricks to help you get cheeky the right way:

Spank where it's right.

One of the first rules for spanking your escort in Hale Barns is to do it at the right place. While you can spank all you want in the bedroom, it may not be proper to start heating things up while you're having dinner or somewhere public.

Prepare your girl with a nice massage.

If it's your first time to try spanking your escort Hale Barns, get her ready for it through a nice massage. You can gently caress her butt for a few minutes and start kneading through them as if you were holding dough. Then, give her cheeks some pinching every now and then to prepare them for the action later on.

Spank in the right places.

A sex therapist said that the trick to knowing the right places to spank Hale Barns cheap escorts is to let your girl wear a sexy pair of panties that covers her butt. Then, make sure to spank only the clothed area and leave the rest for later. You should also never spank the sides of the body, as they are more painful. Also, avoid areas with less fat or muscle like the neck, the hips, joints and kidney areas.

Determine a safe word.

You probably heard the term safe word from the 50 Shades movie and it's important to have that if you want to try spanking with cheap Hale Barns escorts. With BDSM, you need to have a safe word that's out of context, say "cupcake" or "hedgehog", so you'll easily know if your escort already wants you to stop.Hale Barns escorts offer some of the best service there is anywhere and our girls are willing to be as adventurous as you are in bed. But to make sure that you both have a great time, always keep these tricks and mind and treat your escort like a real woman.

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